Suicide by Sidewalk

In a world full of pain
What have I to gain

I’m waiting on the sidewalk
Then I stand on the street
But this time just to pass
I can hear my heartbeat
But I quickly get to class
Even though the cars go fast on that block

I get off the bus solo
Standing frozen thinking again
Do I stay or do I go?
All I think about is pain
Is life or death my foe?
I see the driver so I must remain

There has been enough sorrow
I can’t let others die in vain
So I’ll live until tomorrow
Because it’ll feel better in my brain
That I did not cause another blow
And have others follow me down the drain

What have I to gain
In a world full of pain


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2 thoughts on “Suicide by Sidewalk

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  1. I followed the link from I called the suicide lifeline to here. I’ve read your poetry. I agree with revolutionarymusings it is beautiful so keep writing. I hope it helps to express your pain. Thank you for sharing it.

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