“It’s in the Past Tho” by First Nation

As a First Nation who was brought up in the foster system and a generally very “white” world, even hearing the phrase that ‘it’s in the past so why does it matter’ about how the Indigenous people was treated back in the day ( which in fact wasn’t that long ago) still gets to me. So I wrote this little poem/thingy as I seemed to fit to end this stigma of the Canadian past.

You may think that we should move on.

We are, you are just blind right now.

We are trying, we are living.

We have flashbacks, we have problems.

We are learning, we are slowly forgiving.

What was done to our elders was a crime.

They got through it and we were their strength.

But now we are given the same treatment they


they tell us with pride to never give up.

They want the best for us.

We switched places.

You say to our faces that it is in the past.

But do you not see the results of such a crime.

There is hate, there is hurt.

There is sorrow, but there is hope.

There is crying, there is still joy.

We want a better tomorrow, the past is in the past.

It is time to move on.

But it starts with one family at a time.

It starts with many tries to finally get the right


It did start with the apology but it doesn’t end there.

It did start with the compensation but it doesn’t end


It really starts when we see much more

than just words and money.

Let’s start learning from the mistakes and

not let them happen again and again.

Let’s get together as a country to fix it’s broken heart.

Let’s be a country that is proud enough to

speak about how we ended this genocide.

Let’s do this to show our future kids

how to handle conflicts.

Let’s be a people that is free of the past.



This is just the beginning. I hope that you could dive into what these words mean and read in between the lines. Thanks for reading!


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